Thursday, July 9, 2009


NUMBERSSS???? Sorry, not my cup-of-tea.

I usually dwell a lot with my temperol lobe, just messing around the Wernicke's area and Broca's area. Fancy being there most of the time..

But errr...the other half of my brain is rarely used, that is to say..conciously of course. So quite often when I look at a car's registration number, I'll be like..ok,JLA ....hmmm..let's see, what's the number again?? Something of that sort..

So, why on Earth la they gave me this 'accountant wannabe' job? Big mistake la. I was asked to close the account of our *** and that means I have to calculate every penny which got in and out of the so called 'organisation'. That spells trouble of course. First count, RM**, second count RM**,urmm ok, let's do it again. Third count RM**. Ok, I need aspirin. No matter how many times I count 'em, they just 'refused' to balance..the debit and credit. Now, where's the loophole? It's not about 'where did I spend, or rather the org spend the money?' but 'where the heck did this amount come from??' kinda loophole. Bugger..shall I just smile sheepishly to my boss and being foolishly honest,[my bad, i did not balance the account frequently] or shall I keep my cool and give her my I-can-justify attitude? Then again, how to justify an imbalanced account?

If it's other things I could still 'goreng', mix and match here and there, relate and later get entangled, but figures don't lie. Shait, maybe they should learn to 'bend' a bit. So I guess honesty is the best policy then. So, does translucent and transparent share the same meaning? I guess they do, but of course, to a certain extent:)

Problem Solved. [for the short-term yessss..]

I promise I'll dig to the inner core after this.

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